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Do I REALLY Need Weight Loss Surgery?

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

“How did this happen? When did this happen? WHY am I googling Weight Loss Surgery?!”

I have a secret. 🤫 No one is thrilled to need my particular skill set. In fact, I guarantee you’ve tried just about everything to avoid my 11 blade.

Diets? ✅ Too many to remember.

Exercise? ✅ Yep.

Medications? ✅ Tried those, too.

Have you lost weight? Undoubtedly. But why can’t we keep it off? It comes back on a million times faster than it took to painstakingly lose it and with it comes the frustration, disappointment, desperation, fear, and shame.

And’re exploring surgical options to help you lose weight. What do you think of weight loss surgery? Are you embarrassed? Do you feel like the ultimate failure? Guess what, it’s time to get over that.

Bariatric surgery is the most effective tool that exists that helps patients lose weight and have sustainable results. It resolves or improves type II diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure and 40 other weight related conditions and drastically improves quality of life. Somehow, it still doesn’t feel normal or popular for many. I’m sure you have your fair share of hesitations.

It’s time to get really real and go deep within yourself. Are you happy? Like really happy? Is your weight holding you back? Does it scare you? Are you truly living this one precious life you have? Do you like your reflection? Can someone take a picture of you without their life being threatened? Do your clothes fit comfortably? Are you jumping, squatting, twisting, dancing, laughing, working, lifting, shopping, standing, playing, walking without worry or restriction?

I’m going to give you a gift. I’m going to tell you with absolutely no judgement, it’s okay. I understand. Your reason for wanting more is EVERYTHING. You are worthy to put yourself first. Others peoples’ opinions are irrelevant. Your body is no one’s business but your own. Own it. And, own your decisions without apology.

Breathe in. And take a long exhale.

Buckle up, the journey is a wild one. 🐅

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