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Weight Loss Secrets

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Hey You! You’re a human. That means you’ve thought about your body. For some, that means you think about your body - All. The. Time. The minute your eyes open, you think about your body. When you’re looking in the mirror - there is your body. Get out of the shower, wrap a towel around, yep, your body. Ugh, the scale... Time to get dressed. Zoom - camera on! 🥴 Breakfast? Snacks? Google search history? Diet? Intermittent fasting? Gym? Walk the dog? Fitbit, Apple Watch, activity tracker - move, Move, MOVE!! Commercials, Instagram Ads, Billboards. Really, how can we not think about our bodies?

If you’ve lost weight and are seeing it creep back on, I’m going to share the secrets to long term success! I practice what I preach and know what works and what will just make you obsessed, crazy, and disappointed.

1. 🛑 Stop counting calories. Don’t ask me how many calories you should be consuming in a day. The concept of calories in and calories out sounds simple, but it doesn’t work. Yeah, yeah, a deficit of 3,500 kcal should equal a pound lost. But, it’s so hard to accurately know how many calories are in every morsel of food you’re eating. Abandoning this practice is step one in regaining your sanity.

2. EAT. Yes. EAT. I have treated thousands of patients and the most consistent theme is my patients eat too little throughout the day! Skipping meals seems almost universal to patients who struggle with their weight. Read this over and over. You MUST eat three meals per day. Skip breakfast - too busy or just not hungry or today is a new day, and I’m going to get control of this? Next thing you know - you’re skipping lunch. Insert your rationale again. Dinner - not eating much. Guess what? It’s not because of lack of willpower, your body is designed to survive. It needs fuel! You will crave a quick energy source and stop at almost nothing to get it. Ever stand in your pantry with a bag of chips in your hand? Ever been so hungry that you can’t even scoop the ice cream into a bowl - just get me a spoon🍦!! When you’re this hungry you need the quickest fuel and that’s usually packed with sugar and carbs. Your body needs glucose. It’s like you can’t turn it off. Push yourself to eat THREE meals per day, every single day. Eat protein at every meal. It might be tough at first but change your habits to do this every single day.

3. Avoid snacking, picking, grazing, nibbling. I almost never snack in between or after meals. I eat around 30-40 grams of protein per meal x 3. I eat a lot of protein. I get filled up on protein. I don’t have the desire or craving to snack.

4. You can’t do some things in moderation! There are certain foods that are your crack. No one can do crack in moderation. I’m a recovering cherry coke addict. I could easily put down a 2 liter bottle in a day. I can’t do a sip or two of cherry coke here and there. I can never drink it again. Know yourself to be able to improve yourself. Go through withdrawal of your kryptonite. It gets easier and easier the more you stay true to this.

5. Don’t drink your carbs, calories, and sugars. Sodas. Fruit juices. Sports drinks. Mixers. Wine. It packs on the pounds at lightning speed.

6. Move. But, choose something you like! I love to read books and watch podcasts on the stairclimber. I have a trainer to do strength training, because I have no clue what I’m doing, and it’s the most efficient 45-minutes of the week. 🚴‍♀️ 🏃‍♀️

7. Know when to weigh yourself and how to weigh yourself. It should always be first thing in the morning. When you feel thin (not bloated or constipated). With minimal clothes - I mean an outfit with shoes can add a solid 10 pounds, right? If you don’t like the number you see - step away from the scale for a week or two. Get back to the basics and trust the process.

8. Look at a label. Keep your total added sugars less than 15 grams per day and keep your net carbs less than 50 grams to lose weight and less than 100 grams to maintain your weight. To calculate net carbs look at the total carbs and subtract out the sugar alcohols and fibers. Try some of the carb substitutes.

9. 💊Take your vitamins and calcium citrate.

10. Be kind to yourself. You’re trying your best. Some days are better than others. Stop comparing your body, your results, your process to anyone but your own.

The joy is in the climb. ️🧗🏼‍♀️

Want to get the ultimate guide to prepare you for lifelong results? Check out There are 25 topics to allow you to be educated and inspired. And, it counts in lieu of other supervised weight loss options for your pre-op requirements to have bariatric surgery. Coming soon: NewTri Health - Medical Weight Loss Edition!

Good luck! 💪🏼 Let's get healthy and lose some weight!

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